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You can purchase ready-made products, and custom embroidery.

About company

The «Couture Lace» is a european company, engaged in embroidery on fabrics with production in Ukraine.


The origin of the «Couture Lace» company you can find in the successful production of wedding and evening dresses. Everything has begun with this about 33 years ago.

In 1983 it has been decided to establish their own business making wedding dresses. More than ten years, the company was successfully operating and continually evolving, gaining bigger and bigger markets for their products.

Many years of work in one sphere always give positive results. In order to achieve the desired result and exactly repeat the designer sketch, everybody has to resort to various tricks to this day. Manufacturers cut out the individual parts of embroidery or compose plurality of picture pieces in one, or use standard preforms.

The desire to develop and make the unique product has let us to the right decision. About 15 years ago, we have created our own production of embroidery for fabrics.

Now we have the significantly expanded range of products. Today, the «Couture Lace» is a well-known company, whose products meet all European quality standards.


We use «Tajima» company’s high-quality equipment in our production.

The offered products and services:

Our company has two priorities: to work with individual orders and wholesale.


We are able to create a unique product that has no analogues. Customers can trust us with their imagination and creative ideas. The colour palette does not matter, because we have a huge range of available colours and materials for embroidery threads.

Another advantage of our unique equipment is the ability to do the embroidery on the not standard size canvases, 3x3 meters embroidery, a circle and a non-recurring embroidery patterns.

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